Why should I choose Louisiana Custom Turf for my putting green/ synthetic turf installation?

Experience matters, our years of experience have led us to use only the finest materials and installation techniques to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Will synthetic turf last when installed outdoors?

Yes, all of the turf used by Louisiana Custom Turf has UV protection built in to the fibers and is designed to be installed outdoors in the harshest environments.

Can putting greens and turf be installed indoors?

Absolutely, Louisiana Custom Turf putting greens and artificial turf are perfect for indoor applications and the turf will last even longer due to less exposure to the elements.

Are there different options for my project and if so how will I decide what to choose?

There are numerous decisions to be made from base construction to the type of turf to use. Louisiana Custom Turf will ask questions and perform a site survey to ensure that all of your needs and goals are met. Once again our experience comes in to play so that you can simply enjoy the finished product for many years to come.

Is the turf safe for my children?

Yes, Louisiana Custom Turf uses only 100% lead free turf made in the USA. Lousiana Custom Turf will provide padding or rubber infill if needed for fall zones around play equipment.

Is the turf safe for pets?

Pets love Louisiana Custom Turf. In our experience our turf solves many problems for pet owners, shade and high traffic from pets can leave your yard muddy or dusty and can cause health problems. Once Louisiana Custom Turf is installed your yard will be much cleaner and pets love it.

I’ve read about synthetic turf on the internet, some companies claim polypropylene is the only way to go while others say that nylon is the best and what about polyethylene? What fiber material does Lousiana Custom Turf recommend?

Many synthetic turf companies push you towards a specific type of turf because that’s what they specialize in. Here at Louisiana Custom Turf we take your specific needs into consideration and then recommend the products best suited to your individual project. All of our turf products are first quality construction but quality installation makes the difference no matter what type of turf is used.

Is synthetic turf “Green” or environmentally friendly?

While synthetic turf is constructed using many petroleum based products, once installed they are very friendly to the environment. Synthetic turf reduces the need for chemicals installed in the yard for pest control and fertilization. Louisiana Custom Turf greatly reduces the amount of water wasted in lawn irrigation and reduces emissions from gas powered mowing equipment. Synthetic turf can also be recycled!

What is the maintenance on synthetic turf, do I need special equipment?

Depending on the type of product you have maintenance will vary, and we will provide you with specific instructions upon completion of your project. Most of the time the only maintenance will be to keep the area clean and a leaf blower and garden hose are all that is needed.

Can I install a synthetic lawn or putting green myself and will you sell me the turf?

Louisiana Custom Turf will sell turf for self install in certain circumstances, however proper installation of synthetic turf can be difficult. Louisiana Custom Turf feels that for best results installation should be left to professionals. We offer do it yourself kits for putting greens using TourLinks technology.

Do you offer putting green kits?

Yes, we offer do it yourself kits using Tour Links base system for putting greens that can be installed indoors or above ground. Putting green kits from Louisiana Custom Turf and Tour Links use proven designs, the turf is pre-cut and the Tour Links system makes a perfectly smooth base every time.  For custom or built in projects professional installation is recommended.

I have a landscape architect; will you work with them to install a project they design?

Yes, Louisiana Custom Turf has completed numerous projects in conjunction with landscape architects as well as general contractors on all types of synthetic turf projects large and small.

How does the cost of synthetic turf compare to installing a natural grass lawn?

When you compare the costs and tasks required for natural grass lawn care, such as watering, mowing, weeding, edging, fertilizing, and spraying of pesticides, it’s only a matter of time before a Louisiana Custom Turf lawn actually pays for itself.

How much does it cost?

There are many variables that come in to play when pricing our products, location of the project, type of base used, type of turf, drainage issues and type of application (dog runs, sports fields, lawns, putting greens) just to name a few. Give us a call to discuss your project and set up a design consultation for an accurate quote.

I am interested in a custom installation what should I do next?

Give us a call 225-268-1906 or click here to set up a free design consultation Now!